Thursday, April 28, 2011

A quick trip around the garden railway

On a nice sunny day, what better way to spend some time playing with the garden railway ?

Some time ago we bought one of those micro video cameras I pondered last year and it seemed like a good idea to clip it to the end of a wagon and shove this around the line to see what it looked like. After several attempts and quite a bit of fiddling trying to make the stupid thing work, the result is shown above.

From this I learned:
  • The flash card has to be pushed in a long way to make the camera work. Further than you can poke it with your fingers.
  • If the card is full, the camera won't start recording but it's not obvious and certainly not mentioned in the instructions.
  • You need something stronger than the handrails on the veranda of an LGB 4-wheel van or the scene appears to wobble alarmingly a bit like Douglas Adams description of the sea being still and the buildings washing in and out.
 Never mind, plenty of time to experiment. Maybe some model boating next...

1 comment:

neil whitehead said...

Just taken the trip. On the first go the video froze just by the pub which was handy.