Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lineside hut in the garden

Grotty HutSpring is in the air and some progress has been made on the garden railway. We now have a "stone" built lineside hut courtesy of a kit from Garden Railway Specialists.

It's an interesting kit. Basically a set of walls and roof to be glued together with a nice big tube of "No More Nails" glue. I made some modifications as the supplied window is on the wring side for my purposes and so I had to knock a hole in the wall and do my own thing.

Painting is with acrylic paints which appear to be the thing to use outdoors. The figure (sadly moulded in to the door) is done in enamel though so it will be interesting to see which one weathers best over time.

The hut has a real purpose. It covers one end of a conduit carrying the mains supply for a water pump. The connections for the track power supply are in there too.

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