Saturday, April 23, 2011

Isle of Man G series Van

G Van

It's a lovely day outside and I'm sure you'd rather be out there than reading this stuff, so just a quick post.

The Isle of Man G Van had been sprayed with Humbrol 64 (Pale Grey) paint. A couple of coats of white on the roof by hand doesn't give a perfect finish but I think this model is going to get some weathering in the future anyway when there is a railway layout to run it on. I've always wondered why railway companies went for white, surely it's the one colour that isn't going to survive unscathed when living with steam trains for very long ?

Finally the strapping was picked out in black. This is the reason I used No.64 rather than just primer. You can keep the paint you don't use for touching up dodgy detail painting later and be confident it will match exactly.

Actually, this wasn't the last job. I had to paint the number on the side. Manx van numbering style varied a heck of a lot and while I could use transfers, it doesn't seem to be worth the effort. I'm quite pleased with the results too. While I wouldn't hand number a loco (not enough skill, by a long way) I don't mind wagons. It seems a bit more natural to do it. That and a coat of dirt hides a multitude of sins.

A decision still to be made is the type of coupling I should use. If anyone wants to make any suggestions in light of their own experience with 4mm scale narrow gauge model railways, please comment away.

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