Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Finished radial_web

There we have it. Some transfers, a bit of red paint (Humbrol acrylic as I had a pot handy for another job) and a spray of Satincote varnish. Finish up with a matt black smokebox and some screw couplings that are probably contemporary to the kit.

OK, it's not the most hi-fi of models but the prototype's elegant design shines through and I think the ancient K's kit captures it very nicely. This is such a pretty loco that for the moment I can't bear to weather the model so it sits in the cabinet looking pretty.


Chris Thomas said...

That looks very impressive - especially after the trouble you had with getting the cab and roof square. If I had made that, I wouldn't bother with the RTR version.

Chris Thomas

Phil Parker said...

Thanks Chris. I'll not be buying the RTR version but can understand why people would want such a handsome loco. However, this kit would be within many's capabilities and I think there is even more pleasure in running something you have built yourself, even if it isn't quite as detailed.