Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Rattlecan paint job

Rattlecan paint job

The loco is going to be black. Do I break out the airbrush for a fine finish to the paintwork?

Nope. Halfords satin black aerosol. Warm it up in some water, give it a good shake and spray.

Result - pretty good. No clean up either. Can't think why I'd do anything else.

The brass strip by thee way is Mr Hobby metallic paint.

I'm not the only one who thinks like this - Muz duz too.

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Odds said...

A well warmed Halfords can of pretty much anything can give as good a finish as a spray gun/airbrush. I normally use a small spotting gun on 40 psi for bodies and always get a good gun finish, but I had to resort to FIAT Racing red to paint a customer's Ferrari 801 and the finish was as good from a Halford's can as the spotting gun once it had been dunked in hot water.
The old Radial's looking very good. Nowt wrong with a white metal kit if it's built right. My old Wills J69 is still going strong nearly 50 years later.(EM Romfords and a Romford Terrier motor.)