Sunday, February 12, 2017

Detail spotting - Airfix packing case

Packing case

Does anyone else get a bit of pleasure recognizing details on layouts at shows? Especially when they have been used in an interesting or unusual way? 

Just me then. 

Anyway, I loved those on Canada Road. On the left is a whitemetal ships propeller from what used to be a "GEM pound pack" but now costs a bit more. I have one in the back of a wagon. 

The main feature though is the packing case which I reckon comes from the back of an Airfix GMR "Lowmac" wagon. Preposterously large, it was designed to fit over the lumps on the wagon that held down an artic trailer originally from the "Dr X" train set.  

I like the way this case has been set up properly. It doesn't sit on the ground, but on spacers so you can get the strops under it from a crane. A proper paint job complete with suitable markings and the origins are nicely hidden. Except from eagle-eye Parker...

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Paul B. said...

Missed the packing case but did spot the GEM product, which is superbly finished.
I also like to 'detail spot'.