Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Warehouse Wednesday: Square tower in Doncaster

Square tower Doncaster

I've said in the past that most of the Warehouse Wednesday buildings are not beautiful. For me, there is a beauty in ugliness, or at least a structure designed to do a job without any pretentions to aesthetics. As such, when I drove past this tower at the weekend, and the steel chimney was belching out smoke, I knew that even if I had to fight through the weather, I'd be bringing it to you.

The tower is opposite the Racecourse and part of the College for the Deaf campus. It's designer might have started with a square box, but there is a little pleasant brick detailing on the side nearest the main buildings.The inset bricks at the top help too, as to the (fake?) side windows. In fact, reviewing the photos makes me like this more than when I stood in the sleet taking the photos.

Square tower Doncaster side

As a modelling prospect it's pretty much perfect. Square and not too tall, I'd be inclined to fitting it in a rather more industrial setting than it is in in real life. 

The rest of the college is rather grander, making me think this is a much later addition to the site. 

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