Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Warehouse Wednesday: JC Amore

JC Amore Steel Spinnings

Another photo from my wanderings in south Birmingham. JC Amore were steel spinners, and I'm not sure what that means. Making cables perhaps? 

Anyway, the building is lovely if derelict when I took the photo. Aside from the variety of wall finishes, the signage is very of it's time with nice clean letters (arial?) on the glass and wooden fascia. It's almost a shop front, not uncommon in industrial areas dating from the days when people would walk in an place an order.

Not a big building but reasonably simple in outline. The window detail wouldn't been to difficult to model, unless it's right at the front, scribed perspex filled with paint would be OK. The hoist adds a useful feature although the door it services looks very thin to me.


Unknown said...

Metal spinners take a metal disc or tube and use a mould to form a shape -

James Finister said...

Metal spinning.