Monday, February 06, 2017

On the scene

COOL DUDEExiting the vintage shuttle bus at Stafford show on Saturday, I pass some "youths" who had got of a couple of minutes earlier.

They were busy doing what da kidz do, photographing things using an iPad and talking about making a video blog or something.

"Don't worry", says one, "I know the scene."


When did an agricultural building full of middle aged blokes looking at train sets become A Scene?

If it's now A Scene, I'm worried that I'm probably not cool enough to be part of it any more.

Mind you, there was mention of a Mini Metro "scene" in a recent classic car mag. Presumably they meet up in out of town shopping centre car parks and discuss their favourite shade of beige, so if I up my game, there may be hope for me yet.

In fact, I know the Stafford Scene so well that I know standing out in the cold queue isn't as pleasant as sitting in the warm cafe with tea and cake waiting for the first rush to get in. And cake beats cool any day.

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