Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bungalow built

Bungalow finished. For a kit older than Methuselah, it doesn't come up badly.

Apart from the windows, the kit is pretty much built as supplied. Note the curtains by the way, coloured paper cut from old magazines. A door knocker has been added but photographed badly, you'll have to trust it looks better in real life.

One day, I'll set this in a layout set in the classic BR steam/diesel period. When I do, a honking great big TV areal will be added from wire, not the plastic version supplied with the kit.

As a quickie project, this has been great fun. I've tried out a few techniques, some of this will transfer to other work. That's the point of doing this sort of model. You aren't that fussed about producing a perfect result, just having fun making things.

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