Thursday, May 10, 2018

Shearing crank pins no cause for panic

I've recently built a kit using the solderless Markits crank pin system. I think these used to be markets as the "deluxe" version and they are a nice bit of kit.

The crank pin is threaded so the retaining nut screws into place. Larger holes are required in the rods than for the soldered version I'm more familiar with, and this is where I came unstuck.

Screwing the nuts in place on one side of the loco, I sheared two of the pins. Bit of a panic as of course I don't have spares, nor time to buy some mail order.

Measuring the pins, I decided I had nothing to lose by running a 1mm drill bit through the nuts so they would fit on to the standard crank pins. This worked a treat, a touch of solder retaining them in the time-honoured fashion. A little dirt on the finished model and no-one will be able to tell.

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