Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Warehouse Wednesday: Falmouth factory

Falmouth Docks factory

My parents have been on holiday to Falmouth and since my Dad is as interested in old buildings as me, I gave strict instructions to come back with some photos. 

Here's the first, a factory on the Falmouth dock complex. It's a useful view since this is how we view most model railway layouts. 

The building itself is pretty simple, but the jumble of pipework for the two chemical tanks at the back would make for some interesting modelling. Since I have no idea what it's all for, and neither will most other people, I'd start with a Ratio oil tank kit and augment this with some Knightwing pipes and bits of wire.

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Steve W said...

I think this is the pump and heating facility for the Falmouth oil terminal. The exact extent of this facility is unknown to me at present but at one time it was rail connected and also to a MOD pipeline. The tanks in the background are now used for the ship fueling services operated from the port. Take a look at the Cornwall Railway Society website for some inspirational pictures of the docks rail system.