Friday, May 25, 2018

Ceramic restoration

I don't like seeing broken things, especially if the broken thing is some sort of creature, even a pottery one. Thus, the sight of a clay chicken who had taken a tumble from a wall in our garden perturbed me.

Sensible people would have just checked the bits in the bin and forgotten about it. Not me, I decided repairing the bird couldn't be too hard, so I gave everything a wash and set to with some epoxy resin from the pound shop.

 From the front, my efforts at pulling together this 3D jigsaw aren't too bad. OK, you won't give me a job repairing Ming vases, but for a garden ornament, it will do.

The back view, where most of the damage occurred, is less successful. I seemed to have too many bits and they didn't fit together. When they did, there were gaps which I filled with epoxy.

Still, now back outside and under a frond, I'm sure no-one will notice. And it was quite fun to do.

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Anonymous said...


In my experience an ideal filler for gaps in repaired ceramics is epoxy mixed with talcum powder. When set it can be carved back to the required surface very easily - like carving a resin figure. Then paint as necessary.

Christopher Payne