Sunday, May 13, 2018

Souvenirs of Canada

OK, I'm back from Canada and the rules of the Interweb say I must post pictures of stuff I bought. Here we go...

From the top, assume HO scale unless I say otherwise:
  • Sylvan resin kit for a Mercury half ton pickup - Looks interesting and I was fascinated by the road vehicles I saw.
  • Yeti - I've never seen one for sale in a model shop before.
  • Triang CN caboose - I wanted something made in Britain but of a Canadian prototype. And it's bright orange.
  • Triang Giraffe car (OO) - Sooo cheap. Less than a tenner of UK money!
  • Walthers Trainline GP9M loco - I saw locos that looked a bit like this operating and this one was priced at just under 30 pounds.
  • Bar Mills "Sweaty Betty's" dinner kit - It just looks fun.
  • Walthers Cornerstone Lakeshore coal & ice shed kit - I have a feeling that this is the sort of building that might prove useful on a UK or US based layout one day. I like laser-cut kits too. 
Most of these will become blog projects eventually but for the moment, they will join the ones left over from my Australia trip. It might seem silly to buy this stuff, but I didn't want shirts with maple leaves on them, or maple syrup or any other tat. I'll build the kits one day and remember my trip.

Of course, I did come back with some other stuff.

The CN Tower is a proper railway building and so once I'd been up it, the mug was a given. The cuddly tower keyring is just the most bizarre thing I've ever seen.

The CN torch and screwdriver set and duck come from the Toronoto Railway Museum - a group so friendly they took me behind the scenes so I determined to come away with plenty of stuff from the little gift shop.

And the pencil, well one maple leaf thing is OK.

There's also a T-shirt from Credit Valley Railway and a lumberjack shirt.

And yes, there will be more Canada posts to come. I'll try to spread them out a bit as no-one wants to be bored by anyone's holiday slides. However, my photos are really interesting and you can see them here!

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