Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Roof and wall painting without brushes

Normally, we try to achieve and perfectly smooth paint finish on our models. Well, that would be wrong for this bungalow. The walls are rendered and should have some slight texture.

There is a little roughness provided by the pattern-maker in the kit parts, but it seemed a bit random, possibly the result of the age of the moulds. I wanted more.

So, instead of brushes, I painted a base coat of pale cream on by splodging paint with a dense piece of sponge from some leftover packaging. Before it dried, a bit of Precision paint concrete went on too. Once dry, there is texture, but not much, which is the effect I'm looking for.

The roof is tricky and I'm still not sure I'm there, but it's near enough for this model. Aiming for a cast tile effect, I started with a biscuit colour and used a couple of shades of brown. Initially I dry-brushed but eventually decided the sponge works better.

The result looks a bit less biscuit in real life compared to the photo, and not a million miles away from the houses I can see from my office window. They are a bit redder, so perhaps some marronish paint in future? Ideally applied while the other stuff is still wet so it all blends.

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