Saturday, May 12, 2018

Saturday film club: Making destination blinds

A couple of films today - both showing how bus (and presumably train) destination blinds are made. 

The first is a relatively modern set-up, although presumably even this is old-fashioned as buses are fitted with more flexible electronic signs. Even Leamington buses are sporting these, apart from the tiny bus still proclaiming it is going to "Windimere". 

Interesting silk-screen printing process and some fascinating equipment on show. 

Heading back to 1952, we see how London Transport used to do it, complete with jaunty music score. Back in those days, 50,000 blinds were in use in the capital!

To be honest, the technology hasn't changed that much between the two films, although the later version has somewhat more sophisticated devices for the driver to change the destination.

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matt scrutton said...

The 455s I drive out of waterloo still have windy windy blinds!