Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Guest, Keen & Nettleford 0-4-0

The last Hornby 0-4-0 detailing project I carried out started with me picking, what I thought was, the least realistic option from our pile of subscription gifts. To my eye, the boiler is too large and the coal bunker little more than vestigial.

"It must be made up to fit the standard chassis" was my opinion. Nonetheless, the model is a pretty colour so I gave it a light working over.

A few weeks later, in an industrial loco group on  Facebook, there is a prototype photo that looks a lot like the model. The poster points people at the September 1957 issue of Model Railway Constructor.

Picking up a copy from my club, there it is. We even get a plan!

OK, the proportions have been altered to fit the chassis, but the bunker is barely there and those odd vents on the cab roof are real. This is still an odd-looking locomotive, but at least one grounded in reality. 

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