Sunday, June 23, 2019

GCR 2019


Come to the show and buy the station!

Well, you could if you headed to the GCR show last weekend. Bachmann released a 4mm scale version of Quorn station on the day - the model being both available for purchase on the day AND suitable for vegetarians (Boom, Tish).

Sadly, I had to lug photo gear with me so drove and parked in the muddy field. Thankfully, the stewards did a sterling job at moving the plastic driveway around to the muddiest, high traffic areas and ensuring that we all got out at the end of the day. Driving meant no time to visit Loughborough station for the garden railway exhibits and excellent second-hand stalls. Still, I don't need any more projects...

The show was very enjoyable, at least it appeared to be. I was working, shooting video for future BRM DVDs, so I didn't get the chance to really look.  Perhaps if I had, I'd have spotted the "seconds" Dapol B4 tanks for 50 quid that a mate of mine bagged. Grrr. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Phil

Your link to Flickr is actually linking to Albion Yard.


James Finister said...

I almost want to buy that in memory of an old and now long dead family friend who as a teenager would collect the newspapers from Quorn station for the local newsagent, and who in later life took two years just to model the toilet block.

Phil Parker said...

Thanks - Now fixed.