Monday, June 24, 2019

Wagons for the Toy Train part 1

At first sight, this might look like the result of me catching up with posters on RMweb after I've had a bad week, but no, it's some outdoor spraying fun.

Some time ago, I decided that our LGB "Toy Train" trains needed extending. You can do this by buying the proper wagons, but I fancied something shorter weaving along the line so picked up Hartland Locomotive Works kits for 4-wheel opens. These than sat in a box until I resolved to clear up some old projects.

I want these to look like they fit the colourful Toy Train stock and that means work starts with a spray of white primer followed by Humbrol bright red. The paint covers well and dries nice and shiny.

Once hard, I picked out the axleboxes and works plate.

I'm very pleased with this - dry-brushing with white worked perfectly with no touch-ups required.

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