Thursday, June 13, 2019

Random rust spraying

The oil bowser needs to be a sort of rusty black colour and so for speed, I took it out in the garden to point aerosol primers at it. If that numpty Nevard can make a good job of painting like this, I'm sure a quality modeller with a nice tweed jacket and a full set of Model Railway Journals like myself can produce a masterpiece.

Armed with red oxide and matt black, I started with the later, giving everything a rough coat. Then, while the paint was still wet, shot some rust colour.

This looked too read so I came back with more black and it looked a lot better. Two more rounds and I was happy.

The trick is to work from a distance. I sprayed from between 12 and 24 inches away and it worked well. Coming in closer gives a better coat, but that's not the effect I was looking for. The finish is a little gritty because the paint has partly dried when it hits the surface, but as I plan to dab some weathering powders on later, this is A Good Thing. 

You also don't blast the components all over the scrap bit of MDF I was working on. Yes, I know I should fix them down, but that cramps my artistic style.

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