Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Warehouse Wednesday: Classic garages


I'm not sure why these were in the corner of a field, but I'm glad they were as it made photography easier. A pair of classic modular pre-fab domestic garages. 

Wooden doors, asbestos roofs and most importantly, the sunburst pattern on the front, you could see these in suburbia all over the country. On Sundays, the family Ford or Rover would be sat out the front being washed. The rest of the time, it sat in among a collection of tobacco tins full of screws, a bottle of oil and of course, the lawn mower. 

I'm surprised that these have never appeared as a kit. The modular construction would seem to lend them flexibility along with their geographical anonymity. Massive sales would seem to be assured. 

Era? I'm thinking 1930s onwards, but can anyone be more precise? 


Mark said...

Wills do a domestic garage and the twin pack station garage. Just use corrugated sheet for the roof and add the starburst from strip and hey presto.

MikeB said...

Check out:
for more info on these garages.

Phil Parker said...

MikeB - Brilliant! Work will now be held up while I read up...