Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Warehouse Wednesday: Essendine Hotel

Essendine Hotel front view2

I pass this place every time I take a trip in to the BRM office - but not for much longer apparently.

The Essendine hotel, which hosted celebrations for the 1938 record speed attempt for the Mallard Steam train which did 126mph on the adjacent East Coast Mainline, is to be demolished and replaced with light industrial units. Abandoned and empty for 14 years, locals have condemned it as an eyesore.

Essendine Hotel front view

I think they are wrong. It's a nice looking building. Admittedly, it's looking tatty after years of neglect, but the basic shape and detail is quite nice. I can also appreciate that there isn't the call for a hotel in the village, and if there was, it wouldn't be this size, shape, or dominated by a giant storage place behind it.

Essendine Hotel rear view

There is modelling potential. The smooth finish makes for easy scratchbuilding. Even the arched windows are no problem if cut out with a compass cutter.

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