Saturday, June 29, 2019

Saturday Film Club: Making Transistor Radios in 1955

A few weeks ago, we looked at building televisions in Coventry and because of this, the YouTube algorithms think I might be interested in making pocket radios in America.

 They aren't wrong. This short film show the very earliest days of "tranny" radios, with miniature components that we'd consider laughably large now. At the time, they were cutting edge, and a lot easier to look after than valves.

Watching the dip soldering is fun, but just after this, a huge iron is wielded and the join fed with what appears to be a huge amount of solder. I assume this wasn't just for the camera, although I wonder about some of the clothes which look a bit Sunday smart to me.


Anonymous said...

One does find great amusement in the way Americans speak of "soldering".

Christopher Payne

MikeB said...

Large amount of solder is on speaker terminals. If you have ever seen these on small radio speakers they were tabs with an oval hole in the middle. Speaker wire went through the hole then they filled the hole with solder which also wicked into the wire.