Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Get your glue out

Out with the Super-phatic for the MDF parts, which works really well. So well that when I realise that there are two options for the cross-pieces (with and without the upright to hold the hose), it's hard to separate them to put the one I wanted in.

I used the skip chassis as a jig while the glue dried, the slots are a bit sloppy but this way it's easy enough to get everything square. Once dry, the MDF is superglued to the glass-filled nylon chassis.

The turned wooden oil drum is a bit odd but coated with sanding sealer, it should be OK. I considered replacing it with a resin version but decided that I'd make do. Anyway, I'm not sure where they are.

It does need an extra flange on one end as this is plain, intended to be used as the base. Since the drum is on its side, a ring of plastic was cut out and glue in place.

Finally, the barrel retaining straps get a couple of plastic bolts on top. That's the thing about these cheap kit, the fun comes in detailing them.

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