Monday, December 09, 2019

Crochet tree

Crochet tree

One of my favourite features on The Great Model Railway Challenge TV show recently was the forest of trees on the Loco Ladies layout, all created using crochet by team captain Carol. 

I know judge Kathy really didn't like these, but they are innovative and unusual. I've never heard of anyone knitting their layout before. As such, when the team announced they would be sold off in aid of breast cancer research, I was determined to get one and texted my boss to see what she could do. 

Later that day, I received a picture and have now picked up my tree.

Not a massive plant, it's 7cm wide and 5.5cm tall. Not sure what sort of tree I have, but it's lovely, and a bit of fun.

Anyway, this seems to have set a trend, as look what I spotted at the weekend. 

A crochet Christmas tree! Maybe this is the future. Will there be P4 knitting needles on sale soon?


Huw Griffiths said...

No, Phil.

Not P4, but perhaps another scale HO HO HO.

OK - I'd be the first to admit it's a very old "joke" - that might sound like it was Stollen from a cracker (for all anyone knows, it might well have been) ... .

Seriously though, I know these trees could never be finescale - and I suspect that a key part of anyone becoming a Master Model Railroader is proving that they routinely build models with a high degree of prototype fidelity - but I see no harm in occasionally making something that isn't exactly to scale.

Anyway, if anyone's really worried about stuff like this, I'm sure there's be some way of disguising the slightly non standard origins of models like these.

More to the point, using them to raise funds for this very worthwhile cause strikes me as the sort of gesture lots of people would wish to be associated with - even if tutorials on building them are unlikely to feature on a "serious" model making "vlog" any time soon.

Phil Parker said...

You know, I may nick that Ho Ho Ho joke...