Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Waterborne Wednesday: Northern Star

Northern Star

Back in 2014, I enjoyed a couple of stopovers in Hong Kong as part of my Australia trip. On the second one, I was determined to visit Hong Kong island itself to rise on one of the famous double-deck trams and that meant a trip on one of the slightly scary ferries. 

I'm sure these things are safe, but they do look a bit top-heavy to me. In rush hour on a stormy day, the short trip must be "interesting". With 70,000 people carried a day, I assume there's not much sinking involved anyway. This boat's been sailing since 1959, which I find reassuring.

What it is is cheap, the token to travel costs pennies and just in case, I kept one as a souvenir. 

Model-wise, I found a diecast model, but nothing bigger sadly.  

In case you wondered, I did get a tram ride. 

Hong Kong Tram


James Finister said...

That is a dreadful model, the pier is totally out of scale compared to the ferry ;-)

Anonymous said...

That’s not a diecast, itks an etched brass kit.