Thursday, December 05, 2019

Supermarket, signal box and soldering in BRM

It's all the S's this month in BRM.

First, we have a supermarket diorama. Starting with a selection of Gaugemaster buildings and road products, I've assembled a scene common on the sides of our railways, or at least it is in Leamington where the local Morrisons provides an excellent location for trainspotting.

The main kit is really interesting as I've been able to use the self-coloured plastic without adding paint and it looks good. OK, some parts are supplied pre-painted but I'm very happy with the result.

After all that plastic, it's on to a card kit from LCut Creative for a signal box. A nice model and economically priced, perfect for the 4mm scale lineside. 

Finally, soldering, or in this case desoldering. 

Inspired by learning how to use solder wick, I've covered how you get solder off when it's in the wrong place. Dealing with mistakes is as much modelling and putting things together. Many people assume "experts" don't make mistakes. That's not true, it's just that they made then and learned how to fix things afterwards. 


Woody said...

Hello Phil,

Great articles in the magazine and all very inspiring and useful. I particularly liked what you did did with the super market and petrol station kits. However not sure if this is a "let's see if anyone takes notice" item, but the give way markings that you stencilled on the supermarket diorama seem to be the wrong way round i.e. the double set of lines should be on the left as you approach - apologies if I seem a real geek about this but many years of working on highways has had its affects on me!


Phil Parker said...

You're right - no-one spotted that, especially me!

It's all those German kits...

Woz said...

G'day Phil,
Now we're getting picky as I've never seen a petrol station sigh on the otherside of the street to its business.
Cheers Woz

Phil Parker said...

Woz - It's not on the other side of the road. It's on the edge of the supermarket car park, quite a common arrangement in the UK. As I say in the article, this is a mini retail park. We have a similar setup here with both Sainsbury's and Morrisons here.