Friday, December 27, 2019

Vote Turbocar!

Those top chaps from the Wishlist Poll are having a bit of fun over Christmas - they have set up the "Quirky Poll" - a survey of some of the weirder things that model railway fans might want. Hovertrain? Maglev? Paget Loco? All on the list.

It's just for fun, but if you could just nip along and vote for the Battlespace Turbo car, I'm sure Hornby will finally get the message.

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Huw Griffiths said...

Sorry, Phil - I hate to disappoint you.

I'm afraid I've already voted, for some railbuses - the Fords - the LMS / Leyland - and, of course, I mustn't forget the ACV "flying bricks".

I definitely mustn't forget the ACV railbuses - especially since I've seriously considered building my own versions on more than one occasion.

Seriously though, I like seeing polls like this one - and I'm glad that, every so often, we get one that isn't dominated by big express engines.