Sunday, December 29, 2019

Is it time to revolutionise the exhibition experience?

From Montignac Model Boat show report in Model Boats magazine:

I was aware of a large table being set up at the front of the hall and shortly after the hall opened to the public at 10:00, we exhibitors were summoned for a small glass of the local honey wine and some locally baked biscuits. Quite a start to the show!

What an excellent idea. Some libations and a little sustenance for those who have been setting up and will man the stands during the event.

The report continues:

A typical French touch was that the show closed for lunch between 12:00 and 14:00. 

Now that is a good idea. Imagine everyone being chucked out of Warley for a couple of hours so the exhibiters can get a bite to eat. 10,000 people head to the on-site 'spoons while those of us inside the barriers can have a stroll around the hall, chat and perhaps a bit more local drink (probably not honey wine in Birmingham)!

So civilised. I hope it catches on...


Anonymous said...

I've been to France a number of times with my MRC over the last 20 years exhibiting layouts. This was set up originally through our towns twinning association.
One year we go there and vice versa.

Some of the biggest shocks I got compared to a UK show was as you pointed out the 2 hour break for lunch but also the way there community is involved from the town, they regularly had the local police/fire/paramedics walking around. All the food was supplied by various local eateries. Various town delegates passed through over the weekend, not like the 20mins in and out from our local Mayor.

They use networking outside of the MRC circuit a lot more then the typical British MRC which gets a lot more of the local population involved.

On the Saturday night the town hall becomes a disco with a buffet with more local delegates making a show.

Only downside was the late finishes as the shows tend to open a lot latter.

Thanks Tom

James Finister said...

Tom, The late and much-missed Brian Dominic drew a lot of attention to the 16mm AGM by displaying his small layout in a Peterborough shop window (I can't remember if it was the tourist office) and also locally the Market Deeping Club's activity has increased local interest. So I think you have hit on a good point.

I'm quite involved in big exhibitions and conferences around the world and I'm often struck by how, or how badly, the exhibitors and speakers are treated whn they are the "talent" that pull people through the door.