Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Using rollers

David asks:

I just ordered a set of GW rollers, which I have noticed you also use. Any top tips on their use, please?

An interesting question which I've been pondering for a few days. First - good choice of tool. GW Models stuff is well made and will last for ages. If you are going to buy tools, it's nice to go for the best. Mind you, are there cheap rolling bars?

I'm not sure I'm qualified to answer as I'm not really sure I'm using them properly myself, however, if I tell you what I do, helpfull readers will comment below and tell us what I'm doing wrong.

Basically, I use the Allan key to slacken off the bolts at the end so the metal can be slid underneath without bending. Then I gently do them up so the metal is just slightly curved. This is rolled back and forth.

Once happy, I tighten them up a bit more, trying to turn both the same amount. More rolling and basically repeat until the correct curve is achieved. This is normally slightly more curve than you want as the metal will spring back a bit.

Is this right? Well, it works for me. I think the key is not to try to put too much of a bend in the metal in one go. Impatience is likely to result in flats or the metal sticking in the rollers. There is a sweet spot where they are gripping tight enough to move the metal but not too tight so it jams. That, you can only assess while working.

I hope this helps. As I say, more advice eagerly accepted.


David R said...

Thanks Phil - that’s very helpful. Am looking forward to their arrival!

James Finister said...

Because I know it is what I would get wrong... Where do you start the roll from? Do you scribe a line? And how do you keep it straight?

Phil Parker said...

I don't scribe a line and keeping things straight seems to be a bit trial and error. If you roll things back and forth, it seems that adjusting the straightness is possible - but I'm sure there is a better way!