Monday, August 02, 2021

A nice place to fish


For my latest Hornby Collectors Club project, I was asked for something with water. 

No problem I though, a slice of countryside with a small bridge would do the job. Greenery always looks nice on the page, and the techniques are applicable to all model railways. 

The trouble is, Hornby don't have a small bridge in their range. So I had to improvise. 

Next, water. I can't use anything from the Woodland Scenics range for a start, and Skaledale doesn't have anything suitable. Which is why I experimented with PVA glue in June

This did not go well, or at least as well as I needed it to as quickly are required - the perils of working to a deadline!

In the end, I've reverted to the old favourite - Ronseal Yacht varnish. It looks good, dries fast enough to allow for multiple coats and does the job. Sometimes, that's more important than innovating. 

The finished scene looks really nice and will make a useful photo plank too.

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