Sunday, August 01, 2021

Navy Day 2021


I'll confess to feeling a certain amount of trepidation as my father and I headed to the KMBC Navy Day. It's along while since we've been to anything quite like this. A post "Freedom Day" event. 

Of course, it would be taking place outside, and with a breeze, any Covid would be blown around, so a little careful social distancing, and the fact nearly everyone present would be double-jabbed, meant the risk to health would be as low as practical. 

The weather forecast had warned of thunderstorms, but as it was, the slightly overcast day was perfect. Warm, but not too warm, and bright enough for photography. 

We only stayed a couple of hours thanks to a visitor for lunch, but still managed to unload some money on the RNLI and Bring and Buy stalls. Sadly, due the later was home to an estate sale, but I've acquired a random collection of round lengths of metal among other bits. Stuff that looks like junk, but will doubtless find a use one day!

There was cake, and it was very nice. Just as importantly, there was plenty of chat among people who hadn't seen each other for 18 months, and some cracking model boats on the water. 
Best of all, as my dad said on the way home, it makes you want to do some modelling. I'm not into grey boats, but there is a kit for HMS Renown in my collection, and I did find myself thinking it would be nice to sail this next year. Admittedly, I think looked up a couple of build blogs and decided that there's a lot of work to make that "beginners kit" seaworthy, but I've not had that feeling for quite some time...

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