Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Saxa salt wagon - Part 1


While I might have come back from the NGRS without any new kits, the same can't be said of my parents. My mum was particularly taken by a Timpdon Models Saxa Salt wagon, and so this arrived with the instruction to get it built. 

Saxa Salt wagons are a model railway classic, with everyone from Hornby to Bachmann producing them in 4 and 7mm scales. Bright yellow, they look pretty and while being a bit of a modelling cliche, it doesn't really matter. Timpdon's 16mm narrow gauge take on the prototype is less than accurate, but looks nice (hopefully) and appeals to lots of garden rail scale modellers. 

The main parts fit together quickly and easily using Deluxe Materials Super-Phatic glue. The Elastic bands aren't essential as the stuff grabs very quickly, but better safe than sorry. 

I think it's possible to build the body and chassis as separate entities, and use the edging strip to hold the top on, but I glued everything together as it's not going to make painting much harder, and I don't plan to use this as a battery holder. 

The little bulldog clips will just open wide enough to clamp things together. Another of those occasions when you can't have too many clips!

The hipped roof needed to be weighted down while drying, a job for those handy bits of steel and some masking tape. This is a pretty strong little box, so the weight won't worry it while the glue dries. 

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