Thursday, August 26, 2021

Cover design?


We often talk about cover design at work, but this one isn't something that has ever been on the agenda. 

The caption on the contents page says "One of Britian's latest models contemplates the latest models from Graham Farish. Photo by Len Weal"

I'll admit, it's eye-catching. The mag leap out at me from a box of freebies a few days ago and even though I need no more toy train magazines, I had to add it to the collection. 

Would this sell an issue to you? 

And I wonder who she is, and what she is doing now. Is there a copy of this on her wall?


James Finister said...

Is the that John Wenlock's Clwyd and Dee "Microbe"? said...

The model isn't even looking at the model, but straight at the camera.

Phil Parker said...

That's the problem with N gauge... :-)

Phil Parker said...

James - Well spotted!