Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Saxa Salt wagon - Part 2


The wagon rides on an inside framed chassis which can be built to either 32 of 45mm gauge - but once you've chosen, this can't be changed. I pondered this a bit, eventually deciding it's time we had a proper non-LGB train for the garden railway and choosing 45mm. 

Note the Peco loco cradle coming in handy again - not a use its designer will have contemplated!

Everything slots together nicely, those squares are just to ensure the frames are perfectly upright as there is a tiny amount of slop in the joints. 

On top, I added a bit of detail - very thin plywood forms the top doors with hinge detail using a cocktail stick and more ply. Handles are thin aluminium tube, because I'd just bought a bundle and it looked about right. Wire would have been better, and not cracked on the bends, but I think I got away with it. 

Of course, you can see that I can't resist slotting the wheels in loosely, just to check all is OK. nd screwing the couplings on as well. Does anyone else have to keep putting the bits of kit together just for the satisfaction of seeing progress, before taking it apart and getting back to the build proper?


Woody said...

Just like you Phill I have to see what the finished product will look like. Gets a bit tricky when you are building a 1/24scale truck kit and sometimes you get the House of Cards or Kerplunk effect as the precariously placed pieces finally loose the battle with gravity. However it has always spurred me on to get on with the build!

Nice build on this wagon and it will no doubt be a great addition to the garden fleet.


Andy in Germany said...

I'm always putting models together loosely to see how it will look...

Phil Parker said...

I had a feeling it wasn't just me!