Monday, February 15, 2016

Cast Hut - Part 1

Harburn Hut

Looking around for a new hut to grace Ruston Quays, I found this model from the Harburn Hobbies range. Cast in stone, it's ready to plant on your layout but I really don't like the paint job and decided to have a go at improving it. I'm not a big fan of solid buildings so I fancied the challenge of making it look better to my eyes.

My first thought was that a corrugated building like this would be painted black, possibly with pitch, to waterproof it. A spray can of Halfords matt black quickly sorted this out.

painted hut
But looking at photos, the roof might be black but the walls are a black/grey mix. Since my pure black hut looked far too dark, I heavily dry-brushed it with grey. It looks brighter than the photo suggests but never mind. At the same time, I've washed the wooden bits with track colour to represent creosote or varnish.
Now for some rust.

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