Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Warehouse Wednesday: Amazon, Doncaster

Amazon Warehouse

If big is beautiful, then this is the best looking warehouse featured so far.

Found on the edge of Doncaster, next to the Holiday Inn I stayed in, is this huge white box. If you feel the need for an unexciting aerial view, Google can oblige.

I'm sure most people are wondering what the point is. Well, if you are building a modern image layout and don't want the bother of a backscene, this is a solution. A great big slab of wall behind the tracks.

There are details - the vents in the side and the grey panels breaking up the white sides. The lights are nice too. You'd need to build this cleanly but I don't think that should be too hard. Weathering would be a challenge if you aspire to accuracy, the grot sits in a very specific and regular way in the metal wall panels.

A little experimentation with colour would be required too. The white mustn't be white - far too stark on a model - but it's not as grey as my preferred Humbrol 147 either.

Anyway, if nothing else, this is different!

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