Thursday, February 18, 2016

Cast Hut - Part 3


With the hut planted on Ruston Quays, it's possible to compare the etched building from Severn Models with the stonecast version.

Not too bad but you can tell the detail of the metal version is sharper. Once bedded in on the layout, I think I'll get away with them side by side. If you look hard you'll spot the difference but most people don't do this - they see the overall scene and as long as nothing jumps out as too good or too bad, then the eye ignores the tiny differences.

In the end you pays you money and takes your choice. The two models cost about the same as each other. The etched brass version needs reasonably simple assembly whereas the cast hut can be dropped straight on to the layout. You don't have to paint it like I did but in it's original incarnation I wouldn't have been happy to use it. At least mine is unique!

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Alain SENES said...

Sorry for my english, i am french...
Your blog is really fantastic and your layout also.