Friday, February 26, 2016

Elastic motor mount

Boat mechanism

Some new (to me) kit being tested here.

From SHG Models we have a vac-formed plastic motor mount suitable for 380 sized units. It arrives with a pair of black plastic bungs that are to be fitted in holes drilled in the sides.

The motor sits on a bed of sticky-backed foam strips and is held in place with a fat elastic band wrapped around the bungs.

I'm not sure about this. Will the motor try to rotate in it's mounting? Would a blob of silicone sealant be a good idea to "glue" it into place?

This isn't a speedboat for for the moment, I'll assemble the mount as expected. I can't always come back with glue later.

Another new piece is the universal joint. This is made in three parts that aren't actually fixed together. The shafts on the motor and prop are only 2mm diameter so I wonder if this might have applications in the model railway world for O gauge and above models?

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Geoff from Oz said...

As a railway fan! I find these other subjects quite fascinating, seeing how other hobbies operate is very educational, I might even try to build a floating boat instead of a waterline model for the harbour