Saturday, February 06, 2016

Unexciting modelling

I have been modelling recently, it's just not all that exciting. For Ruston Quays, I need a lot of bridge parapet for the back of the high level section. So, on Thursday I made use of the one of the L&WMRS modelling trays and sat at the "tea and chatting" table making up the parts. Assembly is easy so didn't disrupt the main activities. In fact I even manged to east a jammie dodger as well.

Rooting through the Wills arches kits, I found a few but fortunately parapets are also available separately as for some reason I don't have enough. In fact I still need to go shopping for more. 

I like Wills kits a lot but have a problem with this one. When the walls are placed back-to-back, they don't seem perfectly square. I level the top edge and if required trim the bottom but it is odd in an injection moulded part. 


Mikkel said...

Know what you mean about unexciting modelling, am currently laying sleepers one by one. Sigh.

The tray is a great design, thanks for the inspiration. It would be nice to be able to work on it in the living room in order to be a bit more social with the family. Only problem is the fumes from glues etc, but that's just one more reason for cutting down on the non toxic stuff, I guess.

As a Dane I'm seriously puzzled about "to east a jammie dodger" means. I'm off to Google it!

Phil Parker said...

I think the tray came from Games Workshop and it should be EAT a jammie dodger. It's a particularly good biscuit.

Keith P. said...

Agree with your comments about liking Wills kits Phil, and pleased to see the other modelling essential on the tray......the mug for tea. A great lubricant in its own right.

Paul B. said...

I quite like the thought of 'easting' a biscuit, sending it away into the sunset with one big bite.

Phil Parker said...

I've decided that "Easting a jammie dodger" isn't a typo after all, but a bit of "Gangsta" on the blog. It shows that I'm down wid da kidz.

Look out for future rap tracks including the lines "I'm gunna pop a cap in yo ass and east your jammie dodger." - Which probably sounds a bit rude but then that's the way I roll.