Friday, February 12, 2016

Doncaster bound

Today, I'll be packing up two layouts and heading up North to Doncaster.

It's 20 years since the first Warners exhibition. At the time I was working for a vegetable research institute and writing the occasional article for BRM.

As Melbridge Dock had recently been featured in the pages, we were invited to exhibit. All went well except the organisers needed a bit of education in the importance of paying expenses on the day, not by cheque some time later.

All this has long since been sorted. I did mention it in an article I wrote at the time giving a behind-the-scenes view of the event.

The 20th show sees me working a lot of the time for BRM and of course, I'm expected to bring Ruston Quays along. In addition, I suggested that it might be fun for Melbridge Dock to make a return visit. I'm not sure there will be many layouts able to do both shows!

My father will be looking after the Dock, ably assisted by Chris Mead, another veteran from the first show.

Assuming we get there OK, please drop by and say hello. We'll be in the foyer, except when I'm in the theatre talking and audience through the RQ build.

The Festival of British Railway Modelling website.

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