Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Barrel alignment

My dad's Bismark build continues and the latest job is assembling the smaller guns. 

When putting the barrels into the large ones, he discovered that the locating spigots on the back were in the wrong place and removed them. All went well so he assumed the same problem would affect these. If it did, it didn't matter as the spigots were also nipped off. 

This leaves assembling the parts with guns that are sloppy in their holes. Since non-parallel barrels would look terrible, I set up the pillar drill and made this little jig with a pair of very slightly oversize holes in a block of balsa. The job took less time than assembling the mini-drill into the stand. Oh how I wish I had a workshop where all this stuff could stand around waiting for me to need it!

It worked a treat with all guns fitted with a mix of Milliput and superglue.  Now on to thinning the hanger sides...

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