Thursday, November 03, 2016

Majestic range and sailing duration


Rob asks:

I have the chance to buy at a good price the thunder tiger majestic trawler.

Please can you advise on very roughly what I might get on running time and what range I could send the boat out to in my lake which is quite large?

Majestic is my favourite of the Thunder Tiger range of RTR boats. Unlike the others, it's a very modern trawler and unecombered with the masses of rigging that makes the sister vessels a pain to own.

I'd expect 45 minutes on the 6V jelly cell at least. Replacements are cheap too so you could buy a couple and keep sailing all day.
Range. No idea. Our lake isn't huge - probably 50 metres across - and I've never had a problem. It's 26meg radio but replacement with 2.4gig would be a five minute job just unplugging the old unit and plugging the new one in.
If you have the chance, go for it. These are well made boats and should give plenty of service. I've sailed mine through 2mm of ice without difficulty!

For more details of my boat and its added detail, see this post from 2011.

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