Saturday, November 26, 2016

High Wycombe & District MRS open day 2016

Club panorama

High Wycombe & District MRS can be found at the top of a large warehouse 5 minutes stroll from the town's main shopping centre. The space has allowed them to build a shocking number of layouts, including a whopping great OO number capable to handling the largest express trains or some serious freight.

A couple of weeks after their annual exhibition, Wycrail, they throw open the doors to all comers. The place is tidy, layouts are working and a buffet is laid on - all for free.

Train ferry dock

Unusually for a UK club, there is a strong US modelling section with a couple of stunning layouts that would happily grace the best US magazine covers. If you think model railways stop at the channel, take another look.

I mentioned this last time I visited but things have moved on with an On30 project based on a tie (sleeper) treatment yard under construction. Chatting to the builders, I'm really looking forward to seeing this finished in a couple of years as there is some really clever design and engineering going on. The pressure treatment vessels open and close in line with a traverser feeding gurney cars into them - all ready to be installed in the model once all the wiring is complete.


Just inside the door, there was a rather nice MPD layout. I enjoyed a little game of "spot the kit" but was really impressed with the way both these and scratchbuilt buildings had been integrated into the modest sized model. Every time I read a whine on Facebook about lack of time or space, I'll point the poster at this since it's the sort of project that could be built for multiple different periods yet wouldn't take much time or space.

You'll expect a cake review and I can say they didn't disappoint. It seems that HW&DMRC members are particularly fond of both tiny sausages and sausage rolls as we were extremely well supplied with these as well as many different types of cake. Both chocolate and apple were delicious. 

If you live in the area, do take a look at the club website. The members are very laid back and friendly, the whole pace has a lovely atmosphere and there is a lift if the stairs are too much. 

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Nick Brad said...

I am having a US diversion of my own atm, so seeing a club such as this being invested into the American scene is very nice to see. It's a shame really that I am so far away, the Lincoln MRC layouts don't really reflect my interests, but I may have a chat with them at the next show in February about visiting and see if they can attract me in other ways.