Monday, November 21, 2016

Cheer up chaps!

Opening up the local free paper , there was a really well done spread on the model boat show. The editor had allowed a generous amount of space for photos, and I know the photographer (you learn to spot the press) spent quite a long time at the show on the Friday snapping away. 

Only one complaint - Chaps, you are at a show having fun. Give us a smile. I know most of use don't really like having our photo taken but we'll never encourage people into the hobby if it looks as pleasant as root canal surgery. 

(Note: That doesn't mean we need "wacky" people in the papers. If someones hat has more badges than fabric, please don't let them near the cameras)

1 comment:

Odds said...

That's the big trouble with model boat fans, Phil. The biggest bunch of miserable old farts you'll ever encounter. They turn up at a precise time, tog around with their damned tugs for precisely 33 minutes then go home at the same time every Sunday in their Honda Jazzes to take an early lunch so the Mrs. can get to the garden centre in time for the bargains.
Flying field ethics it ain't! I gave up on them years ago.