Sunday, November 27, 2016

Seen at Warley

OK, it's late and I'm tired, but here's a selection of goodies spotted at Warley on Saturday.

Thank Cross  Country Trains and a broken railway system for allowing me to post these rather than using my original plan to go down the pub for a beer...



Heljan - 4mm


Heljan - 7mm



Oxford Rail


Severn Models

Thanks go to Andy York for letting me use his light box while he was shooting stuff. For some reason, my cheapo compact doesn't do white balance in it, so do not take any of the colours of these photos as gospel. 

As far as my (dream) shopping list is concerned, I am pleased I've pre-ordered a Hornby Peckett as it's little gem. The Golden Valley Hobbies (by Oxford Rail) Janus is rather nice too and very tempting. Heljan's L&B loco is lovely too, and will manage the Peco set track curves on Owen's Bridge. Bachmann's bostlers will be useful as they are quite a bit stronger than the kit built equivalents. 

There were coaches too, but since this is my blog, and coaches all look the same, I've not bothered with them. 

Anyway, hope you like the quick snaps. Any questions, put them in the comments and I'll do what I can to answer.


Mikkel said...

Thankyou Cross Country Trains ;-)

James Finister said...

Looks like a bumper year with lots of releases that could inspire a whole layout. Were I still in Warwickshire the coal tank would definitely be a spur to model some of the local lines they worked - Birdingbury perhaps.

Mr Taylor Anthony said...

I really want the coal tank to go with my Super D recreate some of the scenes on the Heads of the Valleys route in South Wales.

matt scrutton said...

I imagine the Peckett will be particularly useful on Hellingly 😁

Frank Collins said...

Liking the Dean goods from Oxford rail. Just hope it's not a tender drive like the old Dapol/Hornby version. It would make a great addition to my Cambrian layout fleet.

Phil Parker said...

Dean Goods is locomotive drive.