Thursday, November 24, 2016

Scott's hand

 A little repair to a famous face. Scott Tracey, as any fule kno, is the pilot of Thunderbird 1 in the famous Gerry Anderson TV series and films. co

My miniature Scott is a vinyl figure kit built many years ago. Vinyl was a new material for me at the time, and still one I've had very little contact with. It's popular for large scale model figures (Scott is 10 inches tall) presumably for ease of moulding among the "garage kit" manufacturers. 

One advantage with it is that should any part be mis-shapen or need remodelling, heat from a hair drier will be enough to soften it from whence it can be tweaked to shape with fingers and held while cooling. 

I've often thought that moulding OO figures in vinyl would be handy, at least if the casting is clean as you can't sand the stuff to remove lines or flash. I like the idea of changing the poses with a little bit of heat. 

Anyway, Scott's hand had fallen off while he'd been on a trip out. The only adhesive that works here is  superglue, or maybe epoxy if you can hide the bulk. A few moments work re-attached his limb. I'm sure he's supposed to be holding something though and I have definitely lost that. Never mind, I think he's looking FAB again.

Scott Tracey


matt scrutton said...

Amazing lol. I watched some thunderbirds episodes yesterday as I had some time to kill. It never gets old.

Phil Parker said...

Thunderbirds stories are usually a bit rubbbish (actually, Gerry Anderson plots generally) but completely watchable for the models and effects.