Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Warehouse Wednesday: High Wycombe Part 1

Wycombe warehouse

Saturday saw High Wycombe MRC's annual open day. The club occupy the top floor of a fantastic warehouse. Admittedly, a slightly run down one on one side, but brilliant nevertheless. Sadly, I know nothing about the building other than it was erected in 1913 and appears to have spent the following hundred years falling apart. 

Wycombe warehouse entrance

Wycombe warehouse window

Quite how the place has escaped conversion into trendy loft apartments is a mystery. So close to London, and only 20 minutes stroll from the station with regular services, you'd have thought some developer would have jumped at the opportunity. After all, high ceilings, industrial chic and a model railway club to hand, what more could you want?

Wycombe warehouse courtyard view

There's so much of this building, I'll be returning next week for some detail shots. I'll also cover the open day in Saturday's post.

Wycombe warehouse panorama


Anonymous said...

Please don't give the developers ideas.

You know they'll only see an excuse to rip yet another building apart - and rip even more punters off (allegedly) … .

Christopher said...

I could be mistaken, but I have a feeling that they used to make G Plan furniture there in bygone days... (I may have learnt that when I once visited the club as a member of Abingdon & District MRC.)

Simon Paley said...

Hi Phil,

They did start developing a few years ago, and removed from Asbestos, but the whole area is soon to redeveloped by the council, so the owners probably dumped the idea to turn it into flats.