Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Incoming beach buggy!

A few years ago, at Stanford Hall VW show, I spotted an unbuilt Airfix 1/32nd beach buggy kit for £15. And I didn't buy it. What an idiot. 

Not only do these kits sell second hand for the north end of 40 quid, I would really like to build one. Young Phil was bought such a kit many, many years ago. It was built and painted orange but has long since disappeared (actually, the remains probably still exist in landfill somewhere...)

Anyway, watching eBay hasn't revealed a kit at a price I'm willing to pay, but it looks like I need only wait a little longer for my buggy fix. The latest news from Revell shows that in March next year, they are bringing out a 1/32nd plastic kit. 

Sensibly the prototype appears to be a Manx Meyers  rather than something weird. This is THE classic buggy and the one we all want (Yes, I'd love to build a full size one). 

Now, if Airfix would just re-release the Bond Bug kit from the range, I'd be happy...

Incidentally, the rest of the Revell announcements are: 

Sd.Kfz. 184 Tank Hunter „Elefant“ (1/35)
Armoured Scout 03254 Vehicle P 204(f) (1/35)
Focke Wulf Fw190 D-9  (1/48)
MiG-29S Fulcrum (1/72)
Petr Velikiy (Ship 1/700)
Corvette C7R (1/25)

Queen‘s Guard (1/16 figure)
Carabiniere (1/16 figure)
TPz 1 Fuchs  (1/35)
Dornier Do 17Z-10 (1/72)
Porsche 934 RSR "Jägermeister“ (1/24)
Porsche 934 RSR "Vaillant“ (1/24)

Leopard 1 A5 & Bridgelayer „Biber“ (1/72)
Spitfire Mk. IXC (1/32)
Embraer 190 "Lufthansa“ (1/144)
Bell AH-1G Cobra (1/100)
HMS Ark Royal & Tribal Class Destroyer (1/720)

Swiss Guard (1/16 figure)
RepublicanGuard (1/16 figure)
German Staff Car Type 82 ‚Kübelwagen‘ (1/35)
Vampire F Mk.3 (1/72)
Junkers Ju88 A-4 (1/48)
SH-60 Sea Hawk (1/100)
‘58 Corvette Roadster (1/25)


Anonymous said...

A later model Morris Minor Traveller could also be rather nice - in 1:32 - or, better still, 1:24 or 1:25 with an engine.

I'm not sure if these were offered in the past - but I suspect that some people might find them rather interesting now.

Phil Parker said...

A large scale Moggie (all variants) would be very nice. One for Airfix I suspect, but a good seller as it will appeal to a lot of sections of the hobby. Superdetailing the engine with leads etc. would be great fun.