Sunday, June 18, 2017

7mm Narrow Gauge 2017


When you recive a ticket for an exhibition through the post listing you as a "Special Guest" then you've really no choice but to along. (Thanks Neil)

Burton-on-Trent was the venue for the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association's AGM and annual exhibition. Featuring 13 layouts and a variety of trade, it's worth the trip even if you have to pay to go in.

 I like NG modelling as the lack of RTR models tends to push people toward interesting an unusual prototypes. Let's face it, if you are going to have to build everything then it really doesn't matter what you choose!
Loco lift

In my guest capacity, I was also taking photos for magazine use - hopefully for 2 different magazines. Sadly, this limits the number of pics I can use here, but hopefully these will prove interesting.

Picking a "layout I'd like to build" is difficult as there were elements of several that I really liked. I think I'll probably plump for one in the wrong scale - Black Cat Mine is designed as a showcase for the Pepper 7 range of kits. G scale, but running on OO track, it looks the part and is full of detail. 

Black Cat Mine

One bonus I hadn't expected was a new (to me) cake. Served up with tea, the Nelson's square is a couple of pastry layers sandwiching some mincemeat. Very nice it is too. 

Loco servicing - US

I enjoyed all the layouts but was especailly interested in the competition dioramas - 1ft square displays with a loco servicing yard theme. Small, but achievable modelling, perfect for the space-starved who just want to have a go at something. 

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